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  • abrad — abrad·er; abrad·ant; …   English syllables

  • abrader — abrad·er …   English syllables

  • abradant — abrad·ant ə brād ənt n ABRASIVE abradant adj * * * abrad·ant (ə braґdənt) abrasive …   Medical dictionary

  • abrader — abrad·er (ə braґdər) an instrument used for abrading; called also abrasor …   Medical dictionary

  • abradant — abrad·ant …   English syllables

  • ant — abrad·ant; ador·ant; adul·ter·ant; ano·rex·i·ant; ant·ac·id; ant·werp; ap·pend·ant; as·cend·ant; as·sail·ant; as·sist·ant; at·tend·ant; beau·sé·ant; cau·ter·ant; cha·toy·ant; clair·voy·ant; com·bat·ant; com·plain·ant; con·tin·u·ant; de·fend·ant;… …   English syllables

  • abrade — 1. To wear away by mechanical action. 2. To scrape away part or all of the surface layer from a part. [L. ab rado, pp. rasus, to scrape off] * * * abrade ə brād vt, abrad·ed; …   Medical dictionary

  • Dunash Ben Labrat — ▪ Hebrew poet Labrat also spelled  Librat,  also called  Al abrad, or Adonina Ha levi  born c. 920, , Fès, Mor.? died c. 990, , Córdoba?       Hebrew poet, grammarian, and polemicist who was the first to use Arabic metres in his verse, thus… …   Universalium

  • dermabrader — A motor driven device used in dermabrasion. * * * derm·abrad·er (dur″mə brādґər) any device used for dermabrasion …   Medical dictionary

  • abrasion — a•bra•sion [[t]əˈbreɪ ʒən[/t]] n. 1) pat a scraped spot or area; the result of rubbing or abrading: abrasions on his leg[/ex] 2) the act or process of abrading • Etymology: 1650–60; < ML abrāsiō < L abrād(ere) (see abrade) …   From formal English to slang

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